Convenience & Entertainment

Remote Starts

Keep your car safe and enjoy the convenience of starting your car on a cold morning without leaving the warmth of your house. Or, crank the a/c so your car is nice and cool before you climb inside on those hot summer days

Mobile Video

We offer a complete line of Mobile Video products!  Whether you want our Dual 10” seatback system with streaming features;  a factory style headrests replacement systems or a simple dropdown 10” from your ceiling, our videos not only offer complete entertainment but also give you piece of mind in matching the factory warranty on your vehicle.


You can’t live without navigation in this day and age. We offer the industry’s most innovative navigation solutions for your vehicle. Choose from factory interface solutions, aftermarket, rearview mirror, or OE replacement systems.

Dash Cameras

Dash cameras are very popular because of their ability to be constantly recording the front and rear of your vehicle.  So protect from vandalism or while you are driving with our dual camera systems.  They come with a high memory SD card that rewrites the data over a period of time but allows you to access the data at any point if an incident occurs.

SiriusXM Satelite Radio

The SiriusXM vehicle tuner allows you to connect to satellite radio through your SiriusXM-Ready car stereo. If your car stereo is not compatible, we can add an external satellite receiver that works with all car stereos. SiriusXM offers a wide variety in music, podcasts, sports, and nonstop laughs.

Power Liftgate

The power liftgate offers added convenience to the way you can open your trunk. Offering you key-less solutions with buttons conveniently located at the front and rear of the vehicle. Just simply press and go, and let the power liftgate take care of the rest.

Keyless Entry

Adding or improving security for your vehicle is sadly necessary in this day and age. A keyless entry or alarm system will provide the increased safety, convenience, and peace of mind you are looking for.

Proximity Key

Proximity key alert allows you to simply walk away from your vehicle and have it automatically lock for you.  It has the same ability to unlock as you approach the vehicle.  Add the convenience that comes on many higher end vehicles to your existing ride.

LED Lighting

Stay out later on the trails and illuminate any hazards you may not see in the dark with a high quality LED Light Bar. Whether it be a sharp bend in the road or a critter in the brush, our experts can help you choose the ideal application for you and your vehicle.

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