How Ceramic Coating Works

Ceramic Coating a vehicle is a multi-stage process that requires skill and expertise. The process varies for every vehicle based on many factors: condition of the vehicles paint, type of vehicle, number of layers, and more. Here’s what you can expect…


Decontamination & Paint Correction

This is where the real work happens. Prior to ceramic coating application, we spend hours prepping the paint for the best possible end result. The level of decontamination and paint correction is determined by the condition of your vehicle paint and any discussions you have with us.

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Hand Applied Ceramic

We will meticulously apply Ceramic Coating to every panel of the vehicle, ensuring 100% coverage. Our ceramic coating can also be applied to headlights, wheels, and ask us about adding a Glass Treatment for the ultimate hydrophobic protection on your glass.


Cure Time

Ideally, the vehicle should remain indoors for at least 24 hours after the ceramic coating is applied so that it can cure without any potentially harmful substances damaging the coating. The coating will continue to cure to its full 9H hardness over the course of the next 7 to 14 days.

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Looks Like New

A Ceramic Coating repels dirt and water while adding unmatched depth of gloss and shine so that your car has that new car look whether it just rolled off the dealership lot or has been in your driveway for years.


Good Investment

A Ceramic Coating preserves your car's value by acting as a sacrificial layer protecting the original paint and clear coat from damage; increasing your vehicles resale value down the road.

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Our Transparent Warranty covers unlimited repairs and reapplication up to $3,500 if your coating is damaged or fails due to water spots, bird droppings, bug-splatter, tree sap, saltwater, acid rain, or UV damage/oxidation. Ask us directly for more information.

Ceramic Coating FAQs

Once ceramic coating has cured to the surface of your vehicle, it is not required to apply wax or sealants to the coated surface.
No. Polishes contain abrasive contents which may cause damage to the ceramic coating. After coating has been applied, compounding and polishing it is not recommended as it will remove and thin the ceramic coating.
Yes, ceramic coating is safe for all surfaces. It will not damage paint or clear coat and will not void manufacturer warranties. Ceramic coating is versatile and will protect any surface you choose.
Wash your vehicle with water or mild dish soap. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals. For a quick shine apply glass cleaner or no-rise lubricants to easily maintain your coating.


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