Leather Seating & Comfort

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Leather Interiors

With hundreds of combinations in color and texture, it’s easy to design an interior to match your unique style. Choose from our designs, factory match designs, or create your own. Vehicles with leather-trimmed interiors have a greater resale value and respond better to temperature-controlled seats.
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Cooled Seats

Katzkin Degreez temperature controlled seats provide quick cooling or heating, perfect for our unpredictable Texas weather! These popular temperature control systems can be incorporated into your leather interior. Enjoy three levels of air conditioned comfort with individual controls on each seat.
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Heated Seats

Experience the gentle, therapeutic warmth of an automotive carbon fiber seat heating system with dual-zone heating for soothing car seat comfort that works with cloth or leather vehicle seats. The therapeutic seat heater is fast-heating providing warmth in less than a minute.
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Power Lumbar

With a Lumbar Support System, you can get the lower back support you need for a more comfortable driving experience. Tucked away inside the driver or passenger seat, the Lumbar Support System provides the perfect amount of lower-back reinforcement, decreasing strain and allowing you to focus on driving.
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Massaging Seats

This versatile massage system is perfect for relaxing on long drives. You can now receive relief with 6 soothing modes of operation for your back, waist, thighs, and calves, depending on the mode you choose.

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