Paint Protection Products

Customize Your Car with Automotive Window Tint

With an automotive tint selection as wide as the open road, LLumar® has after-market customization choices for your new (or new-to-you) vehicle. Get the look and performance you want from our comfort-enhancing window tint in a wide range of true charcoal hues. 

Llumar Platinum Gloss PPF

A favorite of auto enthusiasts and purists; helps your vehicle retain its value by defending the finish.

  • High-shine top-coat blends with factory paint
  • HydroGard™ for stain resistance and durability

Llumar Valor PPF

Get the sought-after benefits of premium PPF and easy-wash ceramic coating with 2-in-1 Valor, featuring our OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology.

  • Super hydrophobic surface with deep gloss
  • Stands up to corrosives like bird droppings

Ceramic Coating

Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is a Hydrophobic coating leveraging silica technology that chemically bonds with factory clear coat to provide a layer of protection

  • More permanent and resilient than a wax or other polymers
  • Available for both interior and exteriors

How does it look on my vehicle?

Sample different paint protection coverage levels with our automotive film viewer. Choose the products you’re interested in then see them on a vehicle like yours.

Performance Specs

We test LLumar window tint to help ensure it performs as expected. Our downloadable performance spec sheet shows you the results and helps you compare products.   

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