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sunroof repairs

Sunroof Repairs

No matter what kind of sunroof you have we can fix it! Feel free to make an appointment and
we can give a full evaluation to determine what is needed to get your sunroof in working order again

Headliner Repairs

Contact us if your headliner needs recovered or replaced.  We fix saggy headliners , damaged or stained headliners on all makes and models

Upholstery Repairs

If your automotive seating is in need of repair, then contact us or send us pictures to determine what it would take to either repair or replace your seat to get it back to the needed comfort when driving

Convertible Top Repairs

If your convertible is in need of repair then contact us to see what it would take to either repair or replace your convertible on any make or model
Electronic repair

Electronic Repairs

If you are having issues with your radio or audio system, power locks or windows, remote start or even your power running boards we can probably repair it or any of your electronic accessories.  Contact us today for an evaluation

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